Registration for Summer Camp 2021 for Deaf and CODA campers aged 7-15 is now open and we now got a new camp director!

ID: Cando, having shoulder length brunette hair, is wearing a bright blue t-shirt and is smiling. Background shows green, red, and brown foliage with some circular abstract elements.

Candance Davis

Camp Taloali is thrilled to introduce our new camp director for our week long summer camp in August.

A native Oregonian, Candance (known as Cando), is a Student Life Counselor (Dorm counselor) and a cheerleading coach at Washington School for the Deaf in addition to being a coach for the Special Olympics soccer and basketball teams.

In the summer, Cando enjoys camping, fishing, and hiking. Camp Taloali is thrilled to add her to the team!

Day or overnight, we got it for a week in August!

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Face covering requirements: Starting June 24, face coverings are required for indoor public spaces. Camp Taloali strongly encourages the use of face mask, hand-washing, and proper social distancing. We ask our guest and staff to follow guidance provided by the CDC, State and County Health Departments. Facemasks can be a barrier to communication for the Deaf and hard of hearing. if you are asked to remporarily remove your mask to faciliate communication, please remember to maintain proper social distancing. This requirement does not apply to: 1) people with a disability that prevents them from wearing a mask. 2) Children under 12 years of age. 3) People with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask. For more information, visit or call 211.

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