Upcoming Events Hosted by Camp Taloali
Summer Camp 2019

It's Not Too Late to Register for Summer Camp!

We still have available spots for your campers. We may also be offering up to one week free for each eligible camper on a first come first serve basis, thanks to the generous donations by Friends of OSD and International Lions Club. More details about this camp program can be found on Facebook.

Posted 5/11/2019  

Campground Rental for Events and Camping

If you are interested in booking an event, a campsite, a RV site, or a cabin on our beautiful location, you can contact our Camp Administrator at campadmin@taloali.org to find out how!

Posted 5/11/2019 

Disc Golf Program

If you want to play disc golf or become a volunteer to help out on the disc golf course, we have a beautiful course set up for playing disc golf and tournaments, which is managed by Steve Moore. The normal fee for playing is $5 per person. Tournaments are announced on Facebook. You can follow updates about our course or contact Moore on Facebook

Posted 5/11/2019   

Recruiting Volunteers for Special Events

We are in need of volunteers willing to help with our upcoming Haunted Forest and other events this year! Contact us at board@taloali.org for more details. 

Posted 5/11/2019