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We offer Nature Outdoor Survival Skills, Team Building Activities incorporated with Sports, STEAM & Game Activities.   We also have Qualified Instructors doing  Archery, Low/ High Challenge Courses activities, Fishing and Workshops presented primarily in American Sign Language with allies for diverse communication modes.  

We believe in Safety and Qualified Instructors  for our Campers


      (Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf Disabled, Hard of Hearing) 

      * KODA, SODA, GODA Accepted (Kids, Siblings and Grand Children of Deaf Adults)

 Summer Camp  2023  

(August 6th-12th)

Camper Packages:

Overnight $750

Day Campers $500

 Monthly Payment Plans Available!   

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Summer Camp Registration

Wilderness Night out for Ages 6-15!

Image Description: Glowing green tent sitting under starry skies and silhouette treelines.        

Annual Instructor Guided Activities :

 Swimming Lessons, Rope Low & High Challenge Course, Performing Signing/Singing Arts & Hands On Crafts, Santiam River Fishing, Archery, Wilderness Survival Night Out and Beyond 




Wilderness Survival


Arts and Crafts