Image shows a totem pole that is orange and black with words that say Camp Taloali in orange.

Volunteering at Camp Taloali

We need volunteers more than ever for these different situations...

Volunteer year round or once in a while for the Maintenance Team!

Volunteer for the Disc Golf Course Program!

Volunteer during our events year round!

Volunteer for our Summer Camp Program!

Volunteer for clean-up days!

Volunteer for fundraising events!

Why should you volunteer at Camp Taloali Inc?

  • Feel good about helping a nonprofit that serves Deaf and Hard of hearing children, an underserved population

  • Learn American Sign Language (ASL) by being around other Deaf and hard of hearing adults and children

  • Be more exposed to Deaf Culture

  • Make new friends

  • Networking

  • Volunteering looks good on your Resume

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Questions? Contact us with your questions or concerns!