Kitchen Assistant

Camp Taloali

Job Description

Job Title: Kitchen Assistant

Classification: Seasonal

Reports to: Food Service Manager

Position Purpose:

To assist the Cook in preparing and serving nutritious meals and in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the kitchen and dishwashing area.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Assist in the daily operations of the camp food service.

 -Assist in the preparation of food as the menu indicates including washing and peeling.

 -Set up food, supplies, and utensils for dining hall distribution.

 -Store food and leftovers at proper temperature.

2. Assist in routine sanitation of the kitchen and related equipment.

 -Clean and maintain all food-preparation and storage areas.

 -Wash all dishes, serving and preparation equipment, and utensils according to regulated washing methods and temperatures.

 -Reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle as indicated through the camp’s procedures.

3. Assist in the preparation and packaging of food for use outside the camp dining hall.

 -Work with cooks and other staff in reviewing pack out requests to ensure adequate and accurate amounts and variety.

 -Prepare and store pack out food according to camp and health code procedures.

 -Advise staff on equipment or preparation materials needed for identified menu choices.

Other Job Duties:

Kitchen assistants may share many tasks as included above or may be segregated into food preparation, dishwashing, and dining hall service, etc.


Kitchen assistants have a designated relationship with their supervisor, the Food Service Manager, and through them may relate directly or indirectly to program staff and Counselors in regard to pack outs, dishwashing etc. Kitchen Assistants may be under the age of 18 and therefore may require additional supervision when not on kitchen duty.

Equipment Used:

Full range commercial kitchen equipment includes dishwasher, oven, stove, grill, walk-ins refrigerator and freezer, etc.


 -Desire to work in the food service area.

 -Knowledge of food preparation and serving, storage of food and dishwashing procedures is preferred.

Physical Aspects of the Job:

 -Ability to lift and carry 30 pounds including unloading food, carry trays of dishes, lifting supplies and equipment as needed.

 -Visual ability to identify and respond to environmental hazards.

 -Physical ability to operate kitchen equipment according to safe recommended methods.

 -Physical mobility and endurance to perform tasks while standing for long periods of time (60 minutes or more).

 -Determine cleanliness of dishes, food surfaces, and kitchen area.

Rev. 11/2016 Camp Taloali Kitchen Assistant PD