Camp Taloali facilities served us so well for over 35 years, and we are working hard to keep up with demands of summer program and year-around events. We heartily welcome you to join us on large projects campaign where you can contribute to a greater good and have the pleasure seeing children run, laugh and enchanted among facilities you helped provided for.

We have ten cabins which each sleeps 8, two staff and six campers. Ironic cabins are the reason our expenditure are costly because cabins capacity limited us to a ratio of 1 staff to 3 campers, below the standards of 1 staff to 6 campers ratio. We required to hire more staff than necessary. We seek to expand our exist cabins to meet the standards of 2 staff to 12 campers, in other words, cabins to sleep at least 14 guests. Larger cabins allow us to reduce our personnel costs to nearly half. Contact us to visit the camp and review to discuss possibilities with the existing structures.

Fire Marshal cited our main building, the pavilion, to 49 people capacity hence we manage to exceed the capacity by open the garage-like doors which is manageable during summer. It is somewhat difficult to manage during cool weather and our cost spiked on keeping the building warm. We have fireplace that is beyond repair and it is time to consider an alternative solution. We want to expand the pavilion to meet the 100 people capacity year-around so it can be used for our summer program which always exceed the capacity limit, and events such as wedding, reception, conferences, etc to bring some revenue to support the camp. Contact us for more details.

Administration team at Camp Taloali are educators by profession with strong background in watershed science, outdoor recreation and natural resources. We are seek to expand our educational part of summer camp program by add a greenhouse building to house our outdoor S.T.E.M. aquaponic program. What a wonderful way for campers to learn wildlife, grow edible garden to be used in kitchen and learn science without learn science! Contact us for detailed information and a visit to camp.

A rancher came to Camp Taloali to look at our tiny horse corral and said it would probably fit three horse comfortably. It is difficult to image 14 horses trying to fit in that corral. We would like to expand it to accommodate equestrian needs at the camp. We have several trails on our 111 acres property that can be use for horseback riding but couldn't because of our corral size. It is costly for us to bring trailers of horse hence we are seek sponsors to help us expand the horse corral so it can extend to wary horsemen and horsewomen to stretch their horse during the year and inspire our campers with equestrian skills in summer! Stop by and visit the camp to see what possibilities are there for this project.