Popcorn Sales can generate enough income to financially support your camper's tuition fee dues! 50% of sales support your camper's tuition fee dues, teach campers the responsibility and value of earning their own way. Popcorn is easy to sell. Statistics show that seven out of 10 people will buy popcorn from us and nine out of ten who buy will buy more. What a wonderful way to earn a free week at Camp Taloali!

All campers are eligible to earn a Free Camp Voucher. Any sells made by your camper will discount toward the total tuition excluding the non-refundable $200 per week fee. However, Campers who sell over $500 worth of popcorn earn a week free camp voucher!

How it works

Contact us to request popcorn order form and start sell! Once the order is filled, mail us the tally sheets and total funds collected. Your order will be processed by us and shipped to your mailing address for you to distribute. Half of your sales goes to your account to reduce your tuition fees.