Dear Parents,

"My daughter has been attending this camp for eight years now. I'm so glad to have found this place for her to be a part of the deaf community!" ~ Amy

Thank you for considering Camp Taloali. As a parent I understand how important it is to know that your child is safe while away from home. It was not until I sent my kids to a Day camp that I understood how protective I was as a parent. It is camps primary concern that our campers are in a safe environment at all times, both physical, emotionally, and mentally.

Our priority is to ensure campers, deaf and hearing alike, feel safe during their stay at Camp Taloali. We are not only dealing with ethnicity and religious backgrounds but also communication modalities, one of the most diverse cultural group in the country. We are striving hard to accommodate your child's communication preference and ensure his or her safety. Camp Taloali Administration team is made up of licensed educators by profession and we train our staff to accommodate each camper with one goal in mind: each camper deserves an educational fun experience at Camp Taloali and no one is to be turned down, no matter his or her communication preference.

Please consider these things when looking at Camp Taloali and other camps for your kids:

  1. Camp Taloali undergoes a comprehensive accreditation process with American Camping Association (ACA). This accreditation ensures that the camp is meeting the industry standards for safe and professional operation.
  2. Camp Taloali is member of the American Camping Association to gain information and standards to keep camps up to date with the latest issues, products, policies and procedures for keeping camps running competently.
  3. Each year Camp Taloali is inspected by the local government agencies for health and fire safety.
  4. Camp Taloali is located 2.7 miles (3 minutes) from the Santiam Hospital which is equipped for emergency services. Ambulance service is couple minutes from camp. Each year the emergency services team is invited up to camp to establish our protocols.
  5. Each camp week there is a certified nurse on staff with other staff that are CPR and First Aid certified.
  6. Our staff undergoes a 5 day comprehensive training program which includes:
    • Emergency response plan
    • Missing Persons
    • Emergency procedures
    • Safety
    • First Aid
    • CPR
    • ACA Staff Training Certificate competences in
      • Youth growth and development
      • Learning environment
      • Program planning
      • Observation, assessment and evaluation
      • Professionalism and leadership
      • Health and wellness
      • Cultural competence
      • Families and community connections
  7. We are a relational based camp and by such our staff are chosen for their desire and passion to spend time with kids and see them grow in confidence, esteem and respect. Our recruitment takes us across America looking for individuals to fill this need.
  8. All staff and volunteers clear a police, sex offender, and child abuse check.

Once again, thank you for considering our camp. We look forward to the opportunity to be part of your child’s life. If you have any further comments or questions feel free to contact our camp office.


James Smith