Camp Taloali Leaders In Action Program

        Our Leaders In Action (LIA) (formerly Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) Program is for campers ages 15-17 who are interested in gaining career experience, leadership skills, and who have a love for camp. These campers will engage in leadership and success workshops, be able to develop these skills with hands on experiences, and gain career experience in different areas at camp.

        The LIA program is for the full Camp Taloali summer camp program plus a pre-camp weekend of workshops, team building and preparation just for them! Being a LIA requires a commitment to attending the pre-camp training weekend designed just for LIAs, as well as the full two weeks of camp.  The total amount for the LIA program is just $400 for the whole 2 and half weeks!

        Camperships are available to those in need. Up to 12 LIA campers will be chosen.

        In order to become a LIA an application must be filled out, submitted by the same deadline as other campers, and approved by the Administration team. Two references from teachers will be requested and used in deciding if the camper is ready for this program or not. Applicants age 15 who are not approved for the LIA program will still be allowed to come to camp. Applicants ages 16-17 who are not approved will not be attending summer camp. Campers age 18 will be asked to apply for a staff position or be encouraged to volunteer. LIAs will need to have the ability to communicate in American Sign Language; they can be emerging signers. 

        Being a LIA is a perfect way to get work experience and training! You will be asked to participate with camp staff in food, health and program managements plus support counselors and campers in games and activities and assist counselors and other staff; and overall be a role model for our campers. While parts of the program will be challenging and new, the LIA program will also have a ton of fun activities and be incredibly rewarding. 

        The pre-camp training weekend will include information on roles and responsibility, problem solving techniques, safety, first aid, communication and leadership training, team building, success principles, survival strategies, environmental awareness and more.

        During the camp sessions, LIAs will work with younger children while being supervised by camp staff and counselors. LIAs will also be able to participate in other activities as provided to campers during the week at camp.