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Many youth and families are unable to afford camp for a variety of reasons and the demand for campership funds is greater than ever before. Through your investment in the campership fund, you are ensuring that these kids get to experience Camp Taloali, building strong character and creating broad smiles.Contact us to discuss how you can help campers fulfill their dreams and enhance their lives, 503-400-6547, email us, or visit our Campership page.

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"This place is amazing. I went my whole life to camp. It's like home away from home and feel so welcome and I learned many new things going there. Thank you to all sponsors and volunteers for all the hard work ... Keep it up! This camp makes kids feel good and is inspirational, educational and fun! My girls go now and they look forward to going every year! I would love to keep this place open forever so any other sponsors or donations to help the camp ..... Do it! Look it up! check it out!" ~ Kristina


Camp Taloali facilities have served us well for over 40 years, and we are working hard to keep up with demands of summer programs and year-around events. We gratefully welcome you to join us with a new campaign where you can contribute to a greater good and have the pleasure seeing children run, laugh and enchanted among facilities you helped provide them. 

We have ten cabins which each sleeps 8; two staff and six campers. Ironically, these cabins are the reason our expenditures are costly because cabin capacity limits us to a ratio of 1 staff to 3 campers, below the industry standard
 of 1 staff to 6 campers ratio. We are thus required to hire more staff than necessary. We are seeking funds to expand our existing cabins to meet the standards of 2 staff to 12 campers, in other words, cabins which can sleep at least 14 guests. Larger cabins will allow us to reduce our personnel costs to nearly half. Contact us to visit the camp and discuss possibilities for expanding the existing structures. Please download our proposal for more information.