Welcome to Eclipse 2017 at Camp Taloali!

Camp Taloali Facilities and Amenties

We are also providing weekend program including some astronomy and nature presentations, entertainment and guided tours. We are in the center of a variety festivals and events in the Santiam Canyon including whitewater kayaking event featuring Sam Drevo, world renown ENRG Kayaker.


Cabins - 10 Cabins that sleep 8 people each. All come equipped with heater, 4 bunk beds with mattresses, and 8 lockers for personal belongings.


RV and TENT sites - we have large spaces accommodate to RV up to 30' feet. No hookups. We provide bathroom facilities at locations near tent and RV sites for your convenience.

Restroom Facility has 5 shower stalls each and adjunct a large swimming pool.

Swimming Pool - A great way to enjoy the hot summer weather.

Pavilion - Large open dining room with well equipped kitchen with 3 meals serve daily.

Infirmary Facility - We have medical personnel on-site to provide medical services for the event so you can relax and enjoy the event worry-free. Our nearest hospital is few minutes away with ambulance service stand by.

Learning Center is a great way to explore and discover yourself in art and science. 

Recreation Center is a great way to foster relaxation mood for you and have fun.  

Picnic Shelter - Forgot your BBQ? No worry! We got your outdoor cooking equipment covered in our open shelter building with refrigerator, pellet barbecue grill, picnic tables, sink, and electrical outlets.

We are in the path of eclipse TOTALITY.
15 minutes drive from Salem, Oregon

Eclipse 2017 at Camp Taloali have everything you need to experience the Totality on August 21, 2017!

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3 nights package deal

August 18-21, 2017

        • CABIN: $900 for up to 8 people
        • RV SITE: $600 (no hookups)
        • TENT SITE: $600 for up to 8 people


Eclipse 2017 at Camp Taloali!

https://campscui.active.com/orgs/CampTaloaliInc0#/selectSessions/1703202Click here for more information on Solar Eclipse in America