We would love to see your children at Camp Taloali; experiencing new things, meeting new friends and enjoying the sleepover of the summer! However, our tuition are low in comparison to other similar non-profit camps. We cut costs to accommodate the needs of our campers and are actively seeking sponsors to provide camperships.

Because of the generosity of our donors, Camp Taloali has a campership fund for families who demonstrate need for financial assistance. To receive assistance an application must be submitted as well as proof of household income, including copies of the family’s most recent W-2s.

Due to the nature of our mission, awarding of camperships will be prioritized to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, or first time campers. Our goal is to make it possible for each child come to camp for at least one session, therefore camperships will only be given for one week sessions. Families are encouraged to fund raise, seek outside sponsorships or use our payment plan to attend more than one week.

The scholarship application will be available online through our registration program, Active Network.

The due date for campership applications will be one month before the final registration and fees deadline to give the Administration time to process the scholarships.

Any camper that applies for a campership before the due date will have a spot reserved unless the campership is not granted. In the case that the campership is not granted, the full camp fee will then be due by the due date. Upon awarding of the campership, a coupon code will be given to the family to use at registration.

Funds that are donated that are specifically noted for camperships will be kept in a separate bank account and used only for that reason. If the need of camperships goes beyond the funds in this account, the Camp Taloali Board of Directors will need to approve the use of other funds based on their availability.

When campers are registering and wish to apply for a campership from another organization (QUOTA or FOSD, etc.), the first step is to apply for a campership from Camp Taloali. The other organization’s campership application will then be available online to download and submit to the organization. When the organization has awarded its camperships, Camp Taloali will then issue the correct coupon code to the family who has received it. Coupon codes will follow the organization giving the campership: Adler’s Voice, Elks Clubs, Friends of OSD, Lions Clubs, OSD Foundation, Quota International, etc.